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Our Wild Roots

Michelle Shabatura, the ‘Wild Daughter’ and owner of Farmer's Daughter Grocery in Huntsville, Ontario, is just that - a farmer's daughter. Growing up on a produce farm in southern Ontario, she appreciates the interconnectivity between us, our food, and nature. Her personal mantra is not ‘farm-to-table’ but rather ‘farm-FOREST-table and this is reflected further through her mission with The Wild Daughter.

TWD was created as a means of sharing her awareness, gratefulness, and passion for the forest as well as the recreational activities that allow her to connect with nature year-round. Getting outside to forage, snowshoe, kayak, or track animals (just to name a few) can help you learn so much about your surroundings, yourself, and how we can all exist in harmony. Our passion is to help you find your own connection with nature anywhere, any time.

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